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Cardiac Assessment For The Pre-Hospital Provider

videosfpAre you confident walking into those chest pain calls? Assessing the cardiac patient goes beyond just performing a 12 lead ECG.

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Cardiac Assessment For The Pre-Hospital Provider

Cardiac call types are one of the more common EMS responses pre-hospital providers deal with everyday. Proper assessment and recognition of the different cardiac abnormalities can greatly help your patient and provide you with the confidence to treat and transport appropriately. Guest speaker Michael Smith joined us to present on this topic and covered key points such as:

• Incidence, Risk factors and prevention
• Anatomy overview of the cardiovascular system
• Angina &  heart failure
• Cardiogenic shock, cardiac tamponade and pericarditis
• Aneurysms, embolism and most importantly…
• Myocardial infarction including STEMI vs. Non-STEMI

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