I’ve read your EMS bio and I’m not impressed

AUDIO02Don’t you hate when some EMT or paramedic starts spouting about how long they’ve been in EMS and that they know it all?

What about when a new device or protocol comes out and they simply refuse to learn or use it?

Check out this installment of the EMS Green Room and see why some ones EMS bio shouldn’t always impress you.

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  1. John

    Completely agree. Last week I had a discussion with a “salty dog” whom I used to respect highly. It revolved around an experience I had last summer. I was called to a large standby my agency was covering to transport a patient with bi-lateral leg pain, rated at 8/10. When I arrived at the scene I observed the VP of my agency, 3 lieutenants, 2 Captains, our regional medical director, the agency medical director and 3 MD from our areas lvl 1 trauma center. As I approached what was soon to be my patient, to add to my anxiety, I discovered my patient was currently under the care of my paramedic instructor who’s class I had just graduated from 4 months ago. The patient was in visible discomfort and my instructor stated that while this could be a basic call, he felt the patient was in exceptional discomfort and could use some pain management…..that was THE FASTEST on scene-to-med administration time in my career to date. Upon finishing this sentence the “salty dog” expressed surprise and disbelief that I would give pain management to this patient. I reminded him that his instructor and my instructor were one in the same and had been teaching in our region since 1990, to which he continued to claim that pain management was unnecessary. His self righteous ignorance truly broke my heart as I expected more from him. I have since discovered many “salty dogs” in my own agency that are not only “holier-than-thou”….but extremely lazy, turfing sepsis and respiratory distress calls every chance they get. No, your Bio does not impress me and all those years of experience ammount to nothing if you’re not treating your patients with the highest and most current standard of care. You DONT impress me, as a matter of fact, you DISGUST me, you’re a disgrace to the profession and you don’t deserve to wear that patch.

  2. Randy Renegar

    I to am not impressed by the Bio at the same time I’m not impressed with the new medic that thinks they know everything and have never worked a truck in the field.
    I’m love to hear of new equipment, techniques, an medications to help my patient.

    1. John

      Agreed, whether 10 years or 10 minutes, humility is a must.

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