We have provided this quick help section for common questions. If you do not see your answer. Please contact us by clicking here and provide as many details as possible in your communication.

Do you have a guarantee?
All of our products have a solid 30 day money back guarantee. If they don’t meet your expectations, you feel they are too hard or even if you just don’t like the colors of the graphics, just let us know and we will provide a refund. Keep in mind that some products and services are provided by third party companies. However, we make sure that these are quality products and that they have a return/refund policy of their own.

Are the products MAC compatible?
Products are Adobe .pdf Videos and practice exams are compatible with any device. 

I did not receive my registration or access link upon purchase. How do I obtain my code to use my product?
Please send us an email and let us know what product/service you purchased and date.

How do I access the Exam software? Where do I log on?
The log on is at http://training.emsseo.com. You must first register and set up your username and password via the registration link received after purchase.

I paid for 7/30 days of exam access and the link is dead. Why?
The link provided after payment is for registration purposes only. We suggest bookmarking the log in page at http://training.emsseo.com so you can quickly access the content during your subscription period. We also have a direct link in the “Members” navagation on the home page.

My antivirus is saying that your software contains a trojan virus. Why is this happening?
All of the software, applications, downloads, pdf’s etc are 100% virus free, trojan free and safe. A few of the antivirus programs being used on the market are identifying some the applications as containing a trojan. These are “false positives”. We have been in contact with these providers ( Avast, AVG, Panda) and they have confirmed that this is the case. They suggest that users update their VPS and retry.

If this does not work, you will have to add the application file name to your exclusion list inside the antivirus software. Since each is different, please contact the antivirus user guide. Unfortunately this issue is a user setting and we cannot control how a users system will treat the applications we provide. However, rest assured that there are no viruses or issues with our products that will harm your computer.

Can I use my software on more than one computer?
The policy answer is no. It is a single user product license. We do however realize that many clients have both a laptop and desktop system. Just let us know that you intend on using two computers and we will make a note on your account.

Why is an internet connection required for many of the software programs?
After several years, we have discovered that with the size of the programs and frequent changes in EMS care. Having the software using a combination of online and offline formatting, makes it very easy for clients to access the files needed and view audios and videos much faster.

How do you ship your packages?
All items are shipped via USPS. If you require faster shipping, please let us know.

If your question is not listed you can contact us by sending an email to admin(at)emsseo.com or leave your question in the comments below.

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    Good afternoon Jim, my last Remac exam I received a 92, your website is awesome.

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