Since 1997 EMS SEO has been providing standard and custom publications in all areas of safety. 2011 marked a new company brand with a more targeted focus on Success, Education and Opportunity (SEO) for our members and visitors. With this we decided to place our websites and services under a new name EMS SEO. This refocusing applies to our products and services to the success, education and opportunity for EMS professionals. 

Even though a new brand is launched we continue to cater to the EMS professional with free and low cost study, training and reference resources. Our products and services are designed with hands on use and portability in mind. We are comprised of a team of Paramedics, EMT’s, nurses, police officers, firefighters, graphic designers, writers, editors the list goes on. Working together we strive to make the workplace safer, the education process easier, and the service we provide unprecedented.

We are forever fine tuning our programs and creating new programs and services. With over 25 years of experience, we bring to the table a unique blend of practical and technical abilities.