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Ultimate EKG Guide

This SPECIAL OFFER gives you access to Two premium content packages and you save $15!! Read on for all the details. 

1- You get the ULTIMATE ECG GUIDE.

Finally, you are going to get the opportunity to be able to access the one resource that will show you how to read, understand and treat ANY EKG time after time.

This online training guide will show you quick easy steps how to evaluate any EKG and understand why!!

It really is as easy as 1,2,3


I wish I could see your face right now, I bet your thinking ‘here we go again’ and I don’t blame you, every day you see another EKG book, CD or software. I mean how many Continuing Education classes have you taken only to hear someone drone on for 4 hours and still leave without fully understanding how to read a EKG strip?

This guide is about to show you:-

•The Basis of EKG reading – The QRS, P waves , EKG paper and more

What sort of characteristics each EKG has. Axis, AV ,SA node, QRS etc.

•How to understand each rhythm

How to finally understand re-polarization and de-polarization.

•All about P waves, PVC’s, PAC’s and more.

Over 24 popular ekg rhythms. Including AMI, COPD and Left/Right Ventricular Hypertrophy

•Each EKG has a basic strip and a larger close up strip as well as small break downs of the important characteristics of the EKG rhythm

Pretty much all you will ever need to read any rhythm strip

•A 300 page ECG Resource just added to this interactive Mini Course, plus 5 interactive Cardiology Modules.

If it’s so easy why do so many people continue to have difficulties reading an EKG strip?

There are some very important rules that you must follow which will ensure your success in understanding any ekg strip. These rules are the building blocks to a successful understanding of EKG’s whether they are your basic 3 lead or more advanced 12 lead ekg’s. You will discover these rules when you use this digital guide.

This online training resource is a interactive flash based digital publication. It is only 90 pages long , I could have filled it full of fluff and made it 500 pages, however you are about to discover the cold hard facts in this ‘fluff free’ resource.

It doesn’t stop here though. As always I try and give 110% and have just added a complete bundle of 5 Cardiology Modules You get all these great resources in an web based interface. Once you purchase access, you will be sent a special registration link. So you can get online at any time day or night. Nothing to add clutter to your hard drive and always up to date in the members area.

I will also back up our claims with a 100% money back guarantee. Buy this program for only $9.95 and if you don’t like what you see let me know within 30 days and a full refund will be provided. No questions asked! I will simply refund your payment and we will part as friends.

Can you really afford not to at least take a look? RISK FREE!

PLUS if you order through this special promotion page you will get access to the 15 LEAD ECG Training. This is a $15 value but you get it free through this page only!

Check out the details about the 15 Lead ECG’s below:

replaypicSo 12 leads have been in place for a while and the STEMI Programs are rolling out across the nation, but is there something we left out? Protocol guidelines outline a standard treatment plan for all patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes. But is it right and safe for ALL cardiac patients?

Studies also show that 50-54% of patients with an acute MI will NOT have ST segment elevation anywhere on the 12 lead. Evidence points to significant and even life saving information that can be gathered by acquiring additional leads. Sign up for this video training as we look at the evidence, review actual cases, and have a fun filled, eye opening experience that is sure to change your practice. As the song goes, “What you don’t know, might hurt them!” Discover what you didn’t know, you didn’t know!

This powerful and fast paced recorded video webcast will give you the short version of this 8 hour course. In addition to the video access you also get access to:

  • MP3 version of the presentation
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Certificate of completion for attending
  • Study report “Assessing the Diagnostic Value of an ECG Containing Leads V4R, V 8, and V 9″ The 15-Lead ECG” to really bring home the content presented in this webinar.

Get access to all the above as a special bonus for claiming the Ultimate ECG Guide.

Just to recap you are getting $25 worth of ECG training and content for just a one time investment of $9.95

Remember this is only if you order through this special page.

This is a web based resource. You must be connected to the internet to utilize this product. Which makes it available to you right on your computer whenever you want.

Go and claim your access today. This entire bundle is only $9.95 – and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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