Medical Math in EMS | Paramedic Drug Calculations

Do you want to understand and master drug calculations using one simple formula? Stop memorizing clocks and drips by accessing this premium training resource.


This session targeted Medical Math, i.e. Drug Calculations like never before. Special guest speaker Buck Feris is an EMS educator that has a lot of experience helping students who struggle with drug calculations. Several years ago he did some research on the origins of the drug calculation formula and found that it was based on a very simple concept. By teaching this concept to students Buck has been able to teach them to go beyond the simple memorization of a formula. Some of they key elements of this session where:

  • Helping to finally end the struggle with drug calculations
  • How knowing one simple concept will vastly improve your drug calculation skills
  • The true mechanics behind drug calculations
  • Modifying one easy formula that will fit all your medical math needs
  • Going beyond basic memorization to concrete understanding

If you are a student who is struggling with this subject, or a practicing paramedic who wishes to finally master medical math, this is training you won’t want to miss. Sign up today and in addition to the main presentation you also will get access to:

The Premium Basic Mathematics Guide. This guide is a great refresher for math skills and will help give you the confidence you need to advance to more complex drug calculations.

Download the session handout and a printable Certificate of Completion for this course.

This is all valued at $47.

Claim all the above content today for just $7.

So take advantage of this special offer and claim access to the video training and all the resources above now 

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