EMS Quick Study Guide

This guide is the “meat and potatoes” of any EMS course.

Ultimate Review

Perfect to review before an exam or as a quick overview of terms or subjects you may be having troubles with.

Key Topics

Foundations of EMS Anatomy and Physiology Major body systems, organs etc.

Small But POwerful

You get all the best parts of your textbook all in one small publication. But it doesn’t just cover a basic overview. It was designed to cover the major parts of what state and national exams test on.

#1 Study Resource

Your “one stop” resource on all the HOT topics found on State and National exams.

Subject Focused

Covers all subjects from poisoning to cardiovascular, pediatrics to communications. Includes Pathology , Presentations, Signs & Symptoms

Pass on the first try!

This powerful guide even covers techniques for history taking and physical exams as well as complete patient assessment.

While it is not a complete EMS Study Resource – it is certainly one of the most valuable publications you can have in your EMS library.

The EMS Quick Study Guide is great for new students but also perfect for refreshing EMS professionals as well.

By using this study guide you can refresh your memory on key points that are included in any state or refresher exam.

This study guide will be a go to resource throughout your EMS career. 

Never have to study that 500+ page textbook from front to back again. 

Your copy is waiting for you. Grab it now by clicking the button below. 
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