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Finally Zero In On Where You Are Struggling In Your Understanding Of EMS Subjects And Focus On Getting Better In Those Areas.

Watch, Listen and Review Popular Topics On Video, Audio & Through Digital Guides That Will Help You Understand The Textbook Easier & Make You Better At EMS.


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This small but powerful resource includes:

AMAZING! Huge collection of digital guides lets you review, study and learn key topics like:

Plus 11 more digital guides to help you master a variety of key EMS subjects. 


STRONG! The Complete ECG Study Course provides you the ability to Master reading ECG’s with the:

  • ECG Guide
  • ECG Q&A
  • 12 Lead understanding and
  • ECG strips

All in easy to understand steps. 

BREAKTHROUGH! Over 1200 Multiple Choice Questions at both EMT and paramedic levels. Deliver the key to zero in on where you are struggling in your understanding of EMS subjects and focus on getting better in those areas rapidly.

Exams are provided in an auto-score and self-score formats. 

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! EMS Audio Training on key topics like:

You can use audio to master tough subjects while on the go. Listen in your car, the gym or while waiting for the next call – The Easy Way

EFFECTIVE! EMS Video Study Collection helps you to watch popular subjects on video that will help you understand the textbook better on topics like:

In addition, there are several other videos to further your EMS knowledge base even more!

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