Here is a section of powerpoint files, a quick review sheet and some videos to help you master those hypertensive patients. Knowing key elements of this disease can help you when treating and transporting these patients.

Get review sheets

You can download and use this powerpoint slide deck to help you understand key points – Download PPT deck here

This is an older power point slide deck but I think has some great pics and will further your grasp on the subject – Grab this slide deck

Here are some videos pulled from Youtube that can really drive home the subject.

Hypertension Part One

Hypertension Part Two

This is an EMS interview style lecture that I think you will enjoy.

Turbo Medic Personal Hard Drive

This credit card sized resource includes 2GB of powerful EMS content to help you build your knowledge base. 

It has seven carefully selected modules that includes downloads, audio, video and even a practice exam. 

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