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  1. sameera

    I’m sameera here and work as a fireman emt in fire service the same time as a trainer in first aid and emt. so your presentations are nice piece of work and would be great resources for me. please update ,e with latest presentation of there is any.
    Best regard,

  2. Marvin Berg


    How are you? Thank you for the great information. I am the Injury Prevention Coorinator for our Level I Trauma Center. I’m also a Paramedic with our local fire dept. i really enjoyed your web site. i am looking to do a powepoint presentation for our EMS community on EMS documentation and our Trauma Registry. If you know of any useful information on this topic, or similar topics, please let me know.

    Thanks again.


    1. JimH

      Thanks for the feedback Marvin. Sorry but nothing specific on EMS documentation on the main site. Good luck on the presentation though.

  3. Wayne Waltner

    Hi Jim, Happy EMS Week! Thanks for all you do for us EMT’s. I especially love the Monday Minutes, they are great! Not too much, not too little, they are both a good refresher as well as learning about new topics…Thanks again, Wayne

  4. Betsy

    Happy EMS week. I can’t wait to get started studying with EMS SEO.

  5. Barbs Balin

    Thank you and looking forward to learning

  6. Sheila langdon

    Thanks so much I enjoy everything you write.

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