The New Jersey EMS Study

Vince Robbins from MONOC EMS sits with us to discuss some key points in the New Jersey EMS Study.

nj ems study,monoc ems About our guest: Vincent D. Robbins, MSc, FACHE Since 1990, Mr. Robbins has served as MONOC’s President & Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the oversight, administration & management of three health care services companies. Together, under Mr. Robbins’ leadership, the corporations have continued to provide reduced cost shared services, co-operative joint ventures and direct clinical care as well as several diversified product lines for MONOC’s 15 member hospitals, in multiple New Jersey counties. In the last eighteen years, under his stewardship, MONOC has grown fifteen fold, dramatically expanding the wide range of serves it provides, more than doubling the hospital members of the consortium and securing its financial stability. Formerly, Mr. Robbins served in the administration of Temple University Hospital, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and with the New Jersey State Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. Mr. Robbins holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Services Management and a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Administration. He is also a Fellow with The American College of Health Care Executives. Mr. Robbins was also one of New Jersey’s first certified Paramedics. Mr. Robbins has lectured and presented for the National Association of EMS Management, the New Jersey State First Aid Council, the New Jersey Medical Transportation Association, and University of Maryland at Baltimore County’s E.M.S. degree program, both the Ocean and Camden County College’s paramedic certification programs, as well as many other academic and professional bodies. Mr. Robbins has appeared as an expert in the management of medical transportation systems on CourtTV®, a nationally syndicated cable television network, provided consulting services in EMS and medical transportation for hospitals, municipalities and private organizations, and designed several EMS or medical transportation systems. Mr. Robbins has also authored numerous articles on the management and financing of complex healthcare delivery systems, including EMS and medical transportation systems, appearing in such publications as The Journal of Emergency Medical Services. In 1993, Mr. Robbins received the American College of Healthcare Executive’s “Early Career HealthCare Executive” award. In 2005, Mr. Robbins was recognized by both a Governor’s Proclamation and a resolution by the joint Houses of the State Assembly and Senate for his outstanding contributions to the EMS industry and the citizens of New Jersey. In addition, he has served on many boards, task forces and oversight committees in healthcare, EMS, charity service and local community groups, including the American Red Cross, Lifeline and his local School Board.



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