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When You're A New City Paramedic

When You’re A New City Paramedic

This was a FaceBook Live video I did and told a quick story about being a paramedic in a big city. I also talk about several take aways in this story and how it relates to EMS today. Get your trial membership to Turbo Medic by signing up right here. 

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Your First GSW | Declaring Your Goals

I did this quick FB live video and talked about a first time gun shot call and how making declarations vs. just liking a post or keeping your goals to yourself can help you succeed in EMS. Check it out.   Here is the link for the Turbo Medic PHD I mentioned in the video

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EMS 2017 Year End

With 2017 coming to an end I thought it would be great to ask a few of the leading EMS professionals out there what they liked in 2017 and what they wanted to see more of in 2018. These were some great quick interviews and what these guys want to focus on may surprise you. […]

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EMS Opportunity | Are You Creating Yours?

EMS Opportunity | Are You Creating Yours?

For this episode of the EMS Green Room I give my opinion on various opportunities in EMS. See why I think it isn’t always about a promotion or raise.   Discover The New Turbo Medic PHD   Be ready for that opportunity and master key EMS subjects using the new Turbo Medic PHD. This credit […]

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One Medic, Two Medics…. Three Medics?

I have worked in various EMS systems with both one paramedic/one EMT and dual paramedic ambulance staffing models. Take a listen to hear my thoughts on this and be sure to leave yours as well. No matter which you prefer, having a solid knowledge base and skill set in patient care and clinical decisions is […]

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EMS Green Room | Being Organized

Alright, have you ever been called “anal retentive”? I must confess that I have. I think in the world of EMS it can be pretty handy to be this way. It helps you pay attention to detail, keep things in a certain order so you know where they are, what they do and when to […]

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