Ditch Medics | EMS Podcast

AUDIO02I don’t usually like to highlight EMS resources that compete with my own. But this podcast is a great educational tool. Unlike EMS Office Hours where I talk about EMS topics, current events and give opinions and tips on general EMS content.

Ditch Medics offers focused educational content.

From the site: “Ditch Medics! EMS practitioners of critical thinking. Here we believe in advanced knowledge of pathophysiology and aggressive resuscitation of critical injury and illness. And we believe in the ability to apply these skills in any environment. Regular weekly posts from experienced providers on EMS topics ranging far and wide.”

If you are looking for a great EMS podcast to listen to at the gym, in your car etc. Go check this out and add them to your EMS listening que.  But don’t forget about me over at EMS Office Hours. :0)

Here is a link to Ditch Medics – Be sure and tell them I sent you.

Click to listen

Get up to date on the show and videos over at EMS Office Hours here.

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