OK, you are all set for the 5 Day Challenge to Be Better At EMS.

Be sure to add @emsseo.com as an accepted email address to your email platform so you don’t miss any emails from me. 

I will be sending out an email for the Free Live Trainings the day before each session. 

You will get two emails each day. One in the A.M and one in the P.M so you won’t miss the announcement. 

Remember each session is at 7PM Eastern Time. 

You will be able to join live via Facebook or Youtube. 

Finally if you have any questions before during or after each session. You can post them in the live chat or send them to me at jhoff@emsseo.com

I will answer questions at the end of each session and may even do a special Q&A Live just for the EMS pros that attended the event. 

I am excited to share the tools that I know will help you succeed in EMS!

See you there.