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Have you ever heard people say things like “I know the content and pass all my course quizzes but I struggle or can’t pass the final or NREMT exam”

You may have even felt this yourself.

You need to start MASTERING the exam as a whole.

This is where my formula comes in along with the Exam Mastery Video Series

In this 90 minute workshop so you can really ramp up your confidence and exam know how.

Key Content Milestones:

  • Testing Anxiety – discover the impact anxiety has and the keys to overcoming and eliminating this crippling confidence dampener.
  • Fundamentals of Exam Preparation – Identify the loopholes in your thinking and study beliefs. Find out why your study habits may not be the root problem
  • Improved and Proven Study Techniques
  • Critical Analysis of Exam Formats – What formats can you expect from both your instructors and state agencies. How each can hurt or benefit your outcome.
  • Busting Myths of the NREMT CBT – Watch as I go underground and dispel the myths and facts on this often stressed yet vital exam process
  • Dissect Exam Questions – You get front row seats as I dissect exam questions and break down the barriers that mean the difference between passing and failing.

Build Your Arsenal Of Exam Mastery Skills With These Tools

Only the best tips and content consolidated into one exclusive book!

Designed to cover major exam elements you will see on state and national exams

The Success Formula Companion

The Must-Have Comprehensive Guide

  • It covers all subjects from poisoning to cardiovascular, pediatrics to communications.
  • Includes Pathology, Presentations, Signs & Symptoms plus
  • Treatment and anything in between

Private Practice Question Bank

  1. Over 1500 EMT/Paramedic Questions
  2. Access to 8 EMT & Paramedic Level Practice Exams
  3. Covers Multiple Question Types and Scenarios
  4. Additional Content With The NRE-SIM Exam Question Bank
  5. Simulated Mock NREMT Exams
nremt exam

“Tips To Understanding & Passing The NREMT Exam”

This special report will further breakdown the exam, the questions and give you powerful study and exam taking tips.

All designed to build your confidence and have you walking into test day knowing you will pass.


Personal E-Consultation:

You will also receive personal weekly web-coaching sessions.  I’ll guide you in identifying and overcoming any learning hurdles toward attaining your academic success with the EMS.

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