Free EMS Exam Help: 9 “Easy To Fix” Mistakes That Kill Your Test Score

Nine Problem Areas To Avoid On Your Next Exam

Knowing just one of them can make the difference between passing and failing.


33% of emts and medics are failing the national exam. That means 67% are passing. Good for them. 

I focus on the folks who are struggling, who are failing:

➡️➡️ The truth about correct/most correct & how it applies to answering any question on the test

➡️➡️ Why airway and pediatric keys are vital to your success

➡️➡️ Understand how to be critical when reading and answering questions

➡️➡️ Know how to decide when to guess even though you won’t really be guessing

Plus five other key factors that will help you pass your exam now and every exam in your EMS career. 

If you’re struggling with passing the exam this is a perfect class for you 🎉🎉

I’m looking forward to helping you