Study5I am looking for EMS educators, health care professionals and experienced providers passionate about a topic in EMS.

Together we will present your topic in about 30-45 minutes live online using your power point presentation and my webinar delivery platform. It’s easy, fun and engaging with other EMS professionals.

Here are the goals of these presentations:

  • Present a unique EMS topic
  • Using your computer, your Power Point slides
  • Deliver the content in 30-45 minutes
  • Answer live questions via chat room technology
  • Provide long lasting content to be displayed on EMSSEO and social media platforms.
  • Build your portfolio for approximately 90 minutes of your time while you sit at home in front of your computer.

If this sounds interesting and you would like more information on the steps to get started. Shoot me an email and I will be in contact with you soon. Please include your provider level, your experience in EMS and what topic(s) you are interested in presenting.

Send me an email direct to admin@emsseo,com