When Drunks Want Out, Who Are We To Stop Them?

Remember the part of EMT and Paramedic class about babysitting? Me neither. Sure we should take care of patients and prevent people from harming themselves. But at what expense? Provider injury to stop someone from doing something stupid? Maybe even dumber  than what they have already done to be in your ambulance in the first place.

Take a listen to this weeks episode about the drunk who would be free. Only to sue EMS for his actions.


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  1. Ovadia

    As a paramedic in NYC I agree with you 100% I am tired of these intoxicated alcoholics draining the system with there non sense. As health care providers we are not legally responsible to fight with people. Keeping are selves safe is a priority.
    I hate to say it like this.
    That drunk ass hole kind of deserves what he got.
    I stand by the crews for not fighting with this fool.

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