What If Ambulance Service Was Gone….. Overnight

EMS1Think about. What if all of a sudden dozens of shifts and their personnel where no longer responding to emergencies?

Well, in this case it’s an not “if”. It’s more of a “it did” and a “why”.

Why did it happen, why wasn’t there warning and why wasn’t one of the largest providers of EMS to the public, FDNY better prepared.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast as Jim, Josh and Dave discuss the sudden bankruptcy of Transcare in NYC, how it took many by surprise including it’s employees and the FDNY.


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    Just a quick note. I was told they went Chapter 7 not 11. Chapter 7 allowed for the results we witnessed, an overnight stop of service. Chapter 11 implies the company is willing to work out its issues in court/has time to do so. Chapter 7 is the “I give up” of bankruptcy, where creditors swoop in for their cash and the company implodes.

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