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MVA Size Up and Vehicle Safety For EMS

FREE Recorded Webinar EMS Event A lot of factors surround the scene of a crash…some are even beyond our standard “BSI and scene safety” considerations. This course takes a look at scene size-up, vehicle stabilization, and other safety factors surrounding motor vehicle accidents. Too often we take for granted the basics of scene size up […]

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EMS Career Growth & Development

EMS Career Growth and Employment. Get the edge on your competition and career opportunities by discovering: How to get a job in EMS. Uncover the different job opportunities and how you can best apply and market yourself to them. EMS in a recession? Find out how the current financial climate can help or hurt your […]

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EMS Webinar Survey

Thanks for taking the time to complete this short survey. Your answers are totally anonymous and answers are being used to develop upcoming live webinars here at EMS SEO and Turbo Medic. Please check an answer and then click the “vote” button below each answer. (more…)

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12 Lead ECG Interpretation Course

There is so much more to 12 lead ECG interpretation than ST elevation. Instructor David Brenner, MS, EMT-P, CIC along with co-presenter William Nazzaro, DO give a lecture and practice series that is perfect for paramedics, AEMTs, nurses, physician assistants, telemetry technicians and NPs. All levels and all students are welcome to attend this course. […]

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In the Field: Patients with Implanted Pacers and ICDs

Sign up for this webinar with James Coman, MD of the Heart Rhythm Institute of Oklahoma. Dr. Coman will discuss key elements in patients with pacemakers and ICDs and how they relate to pre-hospital care providers. During this live event Dr Coman will talk about: ·  When and how to use TCP (transcutaneous pacing) in device patients […]

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Webinar – SF4 T’s Method of MCI Management

In this webinar Steven Kanarian will share with you a system of MCI management which helps EMS providers manage a Mass Casualty Incident with ease.  Listen in on this MCI workshop and learn the SAFETY FIRST 4 T’s Method of MCI Management from a EMS supervisor who knows how to run mass casualty response. (more…)

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