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EMS Work Is Different

A few weeks ago the mayor of NYC declared that EMS doesn’t get paid as much as Fire, Police or even the Sanitation Dept because the work is different. There was a bunch of FB and other social media postings and threads at the time and like everything else it slowly starts to fizzle out. […]

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When You're A New City Paramedic

When You’re A New City Paramedic

This was a FaceBook Live video I did and told a quick story about being a paramedic in a big city. I also talk about several take aways in this story and how it relates to EMS today. Get your trial membership to Turbo Medic by signing up right here. 

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Your First GSW | Declaring Your Goals

I did this quick FB live video and talked about a first time gun shot call and how making declarations vs. just liking a post or keeping your goals to yourself can help you succeed in EMS. Check it out.   Here is the link for the Turbo Medic PHD I mentioned in the video

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EMS Week Special Offer

As a special thank you for being my member here at EMSSEO and EMS Office Hours I am offering an exclusive discount just for EMS Week. Just for EMS Week May 15th-20th you can save 25% on anything site wide*. Just use code “emsweek” during checkout and have this discount applied.

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Ditch Medics | EMS Podcast

I don’t usually like to highlight EMS resources that compete with my own. But this podcast is a great educational tool. Unlike EMS Office Hours where I talk about EMS topics, current events and give opinions and tips on general EMS content. Ditch Medics offers focused educational content. From the site: “Ditch Medics! EMS practitioners […]

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How Many Shots Did You Hear? | EMS Author Spotlight

This Jim Recommends I interviewed Brett Schneider the author of “Welcome to New Orleans… How Many Shots Did You Hear?” This is a great read I suggest any EMS provider enjoy and share with their families. In this emotional collection of short stories, B.J. Schneider recounts one hundred of the most remarkable events in his career. […]

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