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EMS Shorts | Documentation Help | Abbreviations

Here is a compilation of popular abbreviations often used in EMS Call Reports. These days most if us are using electronic call reports and are checking boxes to document our care. However there is still a narrative that gets written(typed). Even though it may be a short one, being consistent and using commonly accepted verbiage […]

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Basic 12 Lead ECG Knowledge

Getting deep into the weeds with 12 leads is challenging to say the least. Ask three paramedics their opinion on a 12 lead ECG and you just might get three different answers. That saying “When the rubber meets the road” is very a kin to reading 12 leads. When that time comes your patients depend […]

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paramedic iv skills

Uncovering Difficult IV’s

This report not only reviews intravenous supplies and techniques. It gives real life tips from experienced field paramedics. A great resource to own in your EMS library and totally free If you are looking for even more help and ideas for those difficult IV’s and to master this often used EMS skill. Check out the […]

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EMS Drug Tips

What If My Dopamine Calculation Doesn’t Work?

This is an update to a previous “guestimate” method – correct to 1 gtts/minute by David Brenner that I recently released David previously explained his technique for how to derive the drip rate, quickly and in your head, for dopamine drips that was accurate to 1gtts/minute. You can check that out by clicking here. David explained […]

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