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MVA Size Up and Vehicle Safety For EMS

FREE Recorded Webinar EMS Event A lot of factors surround the scene of a crash…some are even beyond our standard “BSI and scene safety” considerations. This course takes a look at scene size-up, vehicle stabilization, and other safety factors surrounding motor vehicle accidents. Too often we take for granted the basics of scene size up […]

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Three Tips For Pregnant Trauma Patients

In this FaceBook Live video. I give three key items you need to think about when assessing and treating Pregnant Trauma patients. While this may be a rare occurrence. We need to be prepared for this type of patient. The moms and baby’s life may depend on it. Watch the video and leave some comments, […]

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Five Functions Of Skin | EMS Study Help

While we can often repeat that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It has many other functions. Being familiar with them can help you with your patient care and documentation. You also will see questions on the skin on many EMS exams. So while this may not be as exciting as 12 […]

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Get accredited EMS continuing education via your Iphone, IPad, or Android using these cool animation style apps. Medrills, presented by ArchieMD, is a series of novel, mobile based applications that utilize 3D visualizations and interactives to teach emergency medical concepts and skills. These products combine 3D computer graphics and gaming technology to provide an inquiry-based, […]

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