Quick Let’s Get Rid Of The IO Needles

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Not so fast. This weeks EMS show focuses on the study suggesting that IO access in cardiac arrest may not be as good as those plain ole boring IV’s.

I had the full show cast on this one and both Dave and Josh provided interesting opinions on this study.

Take a listen below and check out the study and article about it from EMS1 via the links below.

You can read the full study by clicking here. 

Read the article over at EMS1.com on this IO IV debate. 

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  1. Louis Felice

    I am not a fan of IO’s in general, my preference is the peripheral access whether it is A/C or EJ. I feel that IO access is an acceptable last resort only. IO is slow and not always placed properly. I don’t feel that you can get the proper volume of fluid or drug needed in a timely manor. I was not trained with IO’s as a Medic back in 2000, it was peripheral or go home. I was trained in NYC and practiced in NYC as well as Suffolk County Long Island, I now have moved and live in York County South Carolina and still have that same mentality.

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