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In the Emergency Medical Service we often encounter varying degrees of shock and the ability to recognize and treat shock can very well be the difference between life and death for a patient. This EMS Boot Camp session was presented by Keito Ortiz of LaGuardia Community College’s Paramedic Program in NYC. Keito offered a very unique style during this presentation with pictures and graphics to really bring a solid understanding of shock to attendees. He discussed:

  • Overview of Shock and body system effects
  • Types of shock – it’s not all hypovolemia
  • Compensated vs. De Compensated shock
  • Assessing the shock patient
  • Keys to early shock recognition
  • Pre-hospital treatment and why fluid isn’t always the answer
  • ALS for the shock patient
  • Advances in shock treatment

This premium content includes….Recorded video and audio of the session that you can watch online right from your computer. | Download MP3 of the audio that you can listen to via your IPod or other MP3 player or even burn to a disc. | Any transcripts of the session that may include Q&A , chat logs or exclusive resources discussed during the live session. | Printable handout and or outline of the session that you can present to your ALS Coordinator or Medical Director for CE credit. | Plus a printable Certificate of Completion for this session.

This webinar is for mature audiences only. Keito demonstrated and hit home many points in this presentation using graphic pictures to give a firm understanding of what to expect as a EMS provider.

So, if you are ready to not only achieve a solid understanding of shock through both audio and visual methods, sign up below for a full 60 day access pass to this premium content today. Claim this $49 value for only $4.95

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