REMAC Underground Workshop



As a NYC Paramedic you know that the REMAC exam is becoming harder and harder. What was once a basic protocol exam has transitioned into a stressful and high fail rate test.

Sure even years ago it was hard, but if you studied and knew the protocols you would pass.

Let’s be honest. Whether you are a new REMAC candidate or a refreshing NYC patch wearing paramedic. You must pass to keep your job, get a job and stay working.

Your livelihood depends on you getting that 80%.

I have the honor of providing practice tests for NYC REMAC candidates. I have been doing it for over 15 years. So I know a little bit about how to succeed on this exam.

Here are a few recent feedback emails I have received:

“…took my remac last night and PASSED…. i’m grateful for your site, it had really helped me throughout the years.”

“Good afternoon Jim, my last Remac exam I received a 92, your website is awesome”

“I am happy to announce that I passed the REMAC on the first time with an 88. I strongly studied your tests. I also felt that I had an extreme advantage against former classmates who were using only flash cards. You’ve done an outstanding job.”

On August 10th at 2:00PM EST. I will presenting a live one time only webcast for NYC REMAC test candidates. This webinar will:

  • Help those struggling with the exam
  • Give anyone taking the test an insider look at the exam (without giving away the questions)
  • Focus on the exam process
  • Common struggles in the exam
  • General operations and how they fit into the exam
  • BLS protocols
  • Insider secrets to the hardest EMS exam (IMO)
  • Plus I will do live Q&A if time permits.

This webcast will not give you the answers to the exam. However it will provide you with the ultimate resources and tips so that you will pass the first time.

It is unlike any webinar I have ever done in the past and will break things down for you so you will walk into the exam room knowing you will succeed.

See what others have said about my REMAC study help.

“Although I hardly knocked it out of the park on the Mac tonight (82 ) just wanted to let you know EMS SEO was very helpful… I will say, this is a very tough exam. I believe we had 5 fails out of 18 and most of my group was senior Medics too. We heard last week was worse….A lot of GOP, appendices, trauma and Peds.”

“So I am very happy for your assistance from all your videos and practice exams. I got excellent results and I thank you for the access of resources that was provided through your website.”

As you can see, I am all about giving you the tools to make sure that you succeed.

However, I will not be recording this session, it will be one time only and seating is limited. So please only sign up below if you are serious and will attend the entire session.

No refunds will be given because you didn’t make it or left early.

But if you do come, pay close attention and take key notes (I will tell you what is vital to your success). You will certainly pass.

If you are ready to sign up and secure your spot just click the button above. After you sign up you will be sent to a registration page that you MUST fill out to get your unique link to join me on the webinar.

Just to confirm the date

August 10th, 2018 at 2:00PM EST. 

I know that you can see the value in this training workshop and I look forward to seeing you on the live session.

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