NYC REMAC Exam Prep Boot Camp



As you may know the NYC REMAC exam is one of the most challenging exams in EMS.

If you have used my practice exams, attended or watched my previous webinars focused on passing the NYC REMAC. Then you know how powerful these resources are and how they have helped hundreds of NYC paramedics and students study and pass the REMAC the first time with scores well above 90%.

I just created a brand new course called “The NYC REMAC Exam Prep Boot Camp”

This course is designed to give you more focus and understanding of the NYC protocols and the types of questions often seen on the actual exam.

During this course you will be exposed to vital topics like:

  • Key protocol review – get an overview on key protocols and how they affect the REMAC exam and your score.
  • Question and Answer mastermind – join me as I select some of the most challenging questions and scenarios and see how you compare as participants answer them LIVE!
  • Reason why tech – ¬†We will discuss why questions have certain answers and how you can avoid pitfalls when taking the test. Don’t give up those 5 points that mean passing or failing.
  • Live Q&A with attendees to answer any questions not covered during the 60-90 minute Boot Camp. If time allows I will help walk you through any sticky areas you might be struggling with.

This is a LIVE 60-90 minute online webinar.

You can chat with me and other attendees during the event to get your questions answered and give you ultimate confidence for this highly challenging exam.

Plus if you sign up for this live event I will also give you access to the recorded NYC REMAC Workshop as a bonus. This workshop will provide even more tips and resources all focused on getting you to pass the NYC REMAC exam.

Sign up today and secure your seat.

When: Wednesday June 26th, 2019 at 11:00 am EST.

Where: Right from your computer screen and speakers.

Attendees are limited to 50 so secure your spot now.

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