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Pass The NREMT Exam!

Only 12 spots available

How To Pass The NREMT The First Time Without Spending Hours On Wasted Study Efforts & Sleepless Nights

If you want to pass the NREMT exam then this exclusive group coaching is for you. Here’s why…

This coaching will give you the keys to understanding the NREMT exam, how to study, how to use practice exams the “right” way and how the questions are formatted.

Giving you a mastery of the actual exam.

But I want to give you a warning.

This group coaching will not give you the answers to the exam. It will not guarantee your success (but almost).

Let’s face it the NREMT exam is hard. Its stressful.

You will have to study and apply what we do in the coaching sessions. You must take action to succeed.

Nobody wants a mediocre EMT or Paramedic showing up at their doorstep. The NREMT wants to make sure you know what you are doing. So they created an exam to best gauge your knowledge and understanding of the content you have studied.

By joining me in this group coaching you will be able to fine tune what you have learned and studied. You will discover the skills and methods that will elevate your exam taking know how and specifically how to view the NREMT exam.

You will get three weeks with me starting with :

  • Access to exclusive video content 
    • How to use practice exams the right way – anyone can use an app or practice exam site. But knowing how to use them and how to get the most from them is where the power lies.
    • Being an exam psychic – Using this simple technique can have you conquering those NREMT questions.
    • Using an Exam Mind Map – Being able to design your own study methods is the best way to succeed on any exam. See the different methods you can use to master content and build your knowledge
    • Understanding the NREMT Exam – This 4 part video series will go over exam taking techniques, question samples and how the NREMT exam works.
  • Live Coaching Session Week One – We will come together as a group and have a live Q&A to see where you are struggling and how to push through those sticky areas.
  • Live Coaching Session Week Two – This week we will help you implement and fine tune your study efforts. Plus answer any questions you may have after the videos and week one.
  • Live Coaching Session Week Three – On this session we will talk about those last minute areas you may need help with. Tweak any areas you still may be struggling with and see how the implementation from week two has gone so far.

Truthfully though it’s much more than just passing the NREMT. It’s also:

  • How to effectively study even if you only have 30 minutes
  • You need hundreds of Flashcards right? Wrong!
  • How to eliminate testing anxiety
  • What to do if all the answers look correct
  • Why using your textbook last works
  • The truth about the 70/120 myth
  • When it’s OK to guess (even though you won’t really be guessing).
  • Say goodbye to countless apps and study guides

I know this is a lot of eye opening resources but it gets better because you will also be getting as a BONUS the “Tips To Understanding & Passing The NREMT Exam”

This special report will further breakdown the exam, the questions and give you powerful study and exam taking tips. All designed to build your confidence and have you walking into test day knowing you will pass.

Just imagine no more worry or stress about passing. No more thinking whether that 75 or 118 question cut off means anything.

All I ask is you use the information and training in this exclusive coaching opportunity and take action. Implement what you learn.

So, here’s what you do now to secure your spot in this coaching.

The main thing is I only have space for 12 clients per session.

Why only 12?

Well I want to be able to focus and really help those that sign up for this coaching.

Any more than 12 and I feel I won’t be able to provide what you need as a NREMT candidate.

The fee for this coaching is just $47.00

Now if you think what you have invested in your career in EMS so far this is a very reasonable price. No tricks here either. You sign up and get access to the videos and bonus immediately.

Heck the videos alone are worth more than the actual coaching investment.

Sure you could just use some apps, a website or even your textbook. But how has that helped you so far?

They are tools that you can use and I highly suggest that you use some of them.

However there are ways to use these tools that are beneficial to your time and efforts. Not some blind clicking around hoping to finally “get it”.

So, don’t wait. Time is short and this coaching is starting soon. Claim your spot and be one of the 12 who gets access to this content and live coaching.

When you sign up below you get

Access to all the video training listed above immediately

Then THREE live coaching calls 

April 2nd at 1PM EST   – The Q&A Focus

April 9th at 1PM EST  – The Implementation and your plan

April 16th at 1PM EST  –  Feedback, tweaking and targeting

When you do sign up and secure your spot today. As an added bonus all recordings of the Live sessions will also be included in the  members area for you to access. So even if you miss one they will still be available to you.

Claim your coaching spot below now and Pass the NREMT


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  1. Angela R

    Jim was so great in helping me figure out where I was wasting my study time. Between the resources he gave me and his guidance I passed my NREMT exam.

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