MCI Response For EMS


EMS Boot Camps own Greg Friese skillfully presented this topic in a unique and engaging format that will be sure to help you as an EMS provider understand the inner workings of an MCI Response and how it goes beyond the framework of ICS training. This session will delve a little deeper into the MCI and focus on various aspects to help you as a provider understand and more importantly “ACT” when faced with a Mass Casualty Incident. Some of they key elements of this session were:

Defining a true Mass Casualty Incident
How to take the “all hazards” approach.
The importance of an MCI Response plan and how to apply that plan in real time
The importance for EMS providers to recognize an MCI
Why crime scene awareness is important at an MCI
The keys to keeping the disaster at the scene
Why documentation and communication are just as vital as care and transport
How to implement a triage system from “START” to finish
Patient scenarios and how they fit into an MCI     
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