Diabetic Patients – What Your Instructor Left Out


With a primary focus on identifying, treating and managing the diabetic patient in the field. “Diabetic Patients – What Your Instructor Left Out” is a birds eye view of what EMS providers can expect to see in the field setting and promises to present some eye opening tips and management techniques that will help you with this common EMS emergency.

Some of they key elements of this session are:

Being able to quickly identify a diabetic emergency.
How treating the diabetic patient goes beyond simple Dextrose or Glucose administration.
Obtaining finger sticks the “right way”Effectively dealing with the combative diabetic.
The chronic “brittle” diabetic. Treatment and lack of transport.
Discovering the primary triggers that negatively affect the diabetic patient.
High vs. Low. Is the finger stick the definitive answer?
Diabetes and Stroke. Find out the key signs and symptoms that will enable you to quickly diagnose the two and treat accordingly.
Case presentations to give you a real world view of what to expect in the field.
This fast paced session will target the diabetic patient as seen in the field setting. We’re not going to focus on insulin production and all the physiological elements of the diabetic patient. Your instructor did a good job on that. This session will deliver content you can apply in the field right away.

Don’t let this unique field focused session pass you by. Get access to the premium content that includes the video and audio recordings, transcript of the session, the Diabetes Overview Report and a printable Certificate of Attendance.



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