Asthma Treatment In EMS


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Effective treatment of an asthmatic requires an understanding of the physiologic causes of asthma and the patient’s severity.  Pre-hospital care providers who can gauge the severity of asthma and deliver the appropriate treatment will be more effective in treating asthmatics. We were joined by Steven Kanarian of LaGuardia Community College Paramedic Program on this session. He covered various elements such as:

  • Physiology of asthma
  • Asthma triggers
  • The importance of understanding the elements of HPI
  • Assessment of the asthma patient in the pre-hospital setting
  • Keys to early asthma recognition
  • Pre-hospital treatment plans, what should yours be?
  • Plus a live Q&A session for attendees

Both new and experienced providers will have deeper understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of asthma upon completion of this webinar. So, if you are ready to not only achieve a solid understanding of the asthmatic through both audio and visual methods, sign up below for a full 60 days access to this premium session and get:

  • Recorded video and audio of the session that you can watch online right from your computer.
  • Download MP3 of the audio that you can listen to via your IPod or other MP3 player or even burn to a disc.
  • Any transcripts of the session that may include question , chat logs or exclusive resources discussed during the live session.
  • Printable handout and or outline of the session that you can present to your ALS Coordinator or Medical Director for CE credit.
  • Plus a printable Certificate of Completion for this session.

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