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MVA Size Up and Vehicle Safety For EMS

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A lot of factors surround the scene of a crash…some are even beyond our standard “BSI and scene safety” considerations. This course takes a look at scene size-up, vehicle stabilization, and other safety factors surrounding motor vehicle accidents.

Too often we take for granted the basics of scene size up and our own safety.

This event will:

  • Discuss MVA size-up principles related to on-scene operations, patient safety, apparatus positioning, and the need for additional resources.
  • Review various vehicle stability, assessment, and hazard considerations related to MVA incidents.
  • Correlate various case scenarios to concepts of vehicle safety, scene safety, patient assessment, and resource management on an MVA scene.

About the Speaker:

Tim Nowak, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMT-P

You can find out more about Tim and his other courses by clicking here.

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