Meeting EMS Student Expectations

ems transportEMS educators are challenged with meeting student expectations. What do new candidates in EMS expect from the learning experience and what they will see in the field?

So how to we teach new EMS providers what’s real in EMS?

This week I am joined by Thomas Nagel a paramedic, RN and EMS educator in NC, who shares his insights into meeting student expectations. We also talk about some EMS dogma with regards to EMS educators themselves. All this plus tips on helping students of all provider levels and experiences build up their cache of what is normal for patients.

Take a listen below and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Shelley Lovato

    Great podcast! I appreciate the points made and the discussion. As an EMS CE educator (Paramedic) who has a background as an RN I could identify with so much of what the speaker mentioned. I am always on the lookout for techniques to engage our providers and help them transition from “technician to clinician”, sometimes against great protest. 🙂 I try to make the transition as painless as I can, but sometimes I do come up against a wall. Its nice to know that I am not trying something that can’t or shouldn’t be done.

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