Making Time And Choosing Wisely

If you are like me you most likely get a few Facebook group or page requests each week, some you join others get ignored. There are actually a few Facebook pages and groups out there that can benefit you as a EMS provider by offering news information, a snapshot of that users blog or podcast and more importantly give you a way to interact in the social media  arena with your favorite bloggers or join in on active conversations regarding EMS or other topics you enjoy.

So, how do you choose which group or page is worth your time and energy? Some points I look for when joining a group are:

  • Group or Page activity – I try and see how active a group is. How many posts there are, how often they get new posts and even how many admins there are. This helps me determine if I spend my time on that page and wind up posting a comment, that people will actually see the post and join in the conversation.
  • Spam content – I also look to see how much spam a page is getting and if it is controlled or not. If admins are not controlling spam, then I may not spend time on that page or group just to read the latest money making ideas.
  • Number of members – Now this depends on the group or page. If the group is specifically targeted to a smaller niche. I will still join if I feel the benefit is there for content and interaction.
  • Content – I like groups and pages that give snippets from their blog or podcast, key points related to that niche and inside scoop that may be related to that topic that might be harder to find if I were to try and locate it on my own via a Google search.

I am also aware that time can be factor and being selective at times with your Facebook activity is important for both personal and professional time management. So I always suggest using your mobile device to view Facebook updates of your favorite groups as well. While it might be a little harder to comment on a post or link this way depending on your mobile device, you can at least make a mental note to visit that group page later on. Other things you can do to avoid allowing Facebook to become a time hog are:

  • Try to keep your Facebook group activity to maybe twice a day. But DO check your groups and pages at least every other day to be sure you are taking advantage of what you joined for in the first place.
  • Make sure you subscribe to comment feeds on what you post or like so that you can target a visit to that group and join in that discussion. This will help you avoid the constant group browsing, if you cant keep your visits down to one or two per day.
  • Avoid the temptation to jump in a group to comment after each response or like. Let your co-members take part as well to give the comment thread a chance to grow. Otherwise you run the risk of it being a public chat between you and one or two other members rather than the whole group.

So, join the groups that interest you or that you may benefit from. Don’t just jump on because of a title or member count. Look at the type of content, spam levels and activity. This can at least help you make a wiser decision when it comes to your Facebook time and group messages you receive in your inbox. 

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