Life And Death Matters

It would be fair to say that most people who have devoted themselves to the EMS profession would agree that life and death matters.

Think of all the time spent training and educating yourself in order to be prepared to respond to an emergency. One’s lifetime could be devoted to the preparation of a few life changing calls.

The devotion to diligent study and continuing education is certainly necessary, however, is that all? What does it mean to actually develop yourself professionally? Is it as simple as reading and studying didactic knowledge? No, in fact, an emphatic no. There is much more to develop than the simple understanding of basic medical principles.

“Life and Death Matters” discusses the need for an integrated approach to a first responders personal development. It’s not merely an understanding of basic medical principles, it is more than that. It demands an integrated approach including professional attributes like Integrity and Humility, along with developing a decision making process.


What are the attributes of a professional first responder? How do you go about developing a decision making process? Do you have one?What about the need for a consistent methodical approach to patient care?

Goals & Growth

Do you have a method by which you can reliably grow to meet your own personal goals? Have you even given thought to the fact that each one of us should be in a state of constant growth?


What is your approach to precepting? Do you consider what your role is as a preceptor? Do you have a system by which to measure their growth?


How do you go about creating a learning environment for your student to give them the best opportunity for success?

There are questions that must be asked by each individual provider. These questions are considered and developed in “Life and Death Matters.”

Readers say

As a paramedic and a paramedic preceptor this book re-energized me to become better in every aspect of my profession. Lays out a blueprint for how to truly become a professional paramedic and the importance of passing that knowledge on to students we precept.

Brian Ebmeyer

I have worked closely with both Sam and Chris and they practice what they preach. They are knowledgeable and know truly how to be decisive on each and every call. I was lucky enough to have them both as a preceptor and the book “Life or Death matters” pushes every concept they taught me. Great book. Great humans. Great Fire Medics.

Nick Acosta