Keep These IV Start Tips In Mind

My friend Steve Whitehead gives some quick tips over at I love these two especially the second one. I mean who hasn’t done this?



Check out these two resources that Steve and I did. Great resources to help you pass the NREMT.

Get more IV access help via the video training below.

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  1. Wayne Waltner

    Steve’s video on cleaning IV sites is right on. Although I was in a hospital setting, I still used multiple pads to clean an IV or blood draw site, just to be sure. And if for some reason you feel the need to palpate the vein again, you need to clean it again. I don’t care how many prep pads I go through til I’m satisfied that the site is clean. The price of infection is not worth it. Thanks, Steve for reinforcing those aspects…Wayne

  2. Annette

    I loved this. It hits home to the point I make with the other paramedics. I’m glad Steve is putting it out there.

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