Is Your EMS Agency Up With The Times?

It sometimes is amazing that with all the web apps, social media and general interweb goings on, that so many things in EMS are still being done in such an antiquated way. I still see many EMS agencies clinging to the paper ambulance call reports and resisting the electronic PCR’s till the bitter end.

I wonder if its due to why so many other things in EMS stay the same “Because it’s always been done that way”.

The funny thing is that if you look at agencies that have moved to computer based charting, GPS in the ambulances, electronic vehicle checking and inventory tracking. You will find that most agencies will say they have better productivity, increased revenue and budget savings.

Take a program like EMS Manager from Aladtec. A key component of this software is its web based and 24/7 access by agency management and employees. This feature allows for EMS employee scheduling and management via any smart phone or any computer with internet access. Giving a consistent up to date schedule for anyone who has access to the system so they can swap, pick up or request days off at anytime.

Since EMS Manger has been sponsoring EMS Office Hours, I have looked into the software and what it does more and more. One thing I have seen beyond the internet access to the software and the ability of employees or management to make changes like I mentioned above, is the repeated cost and time savings applauded by users of the software.

Statements about saving 20 or more hours per month, whole full time employee salaries and the ease of use of the software is a persistent theme when looking at feedback from current users of the software.

I think it’s ease of use and the free training for using the software truly makes it a no brainer for any agency looking to take advantage of the current technology and go to a software based employee scheduling program.

Listen, we can all stick with the excel programs and push more unneeded paper and pencil. Sure these have served us in the past. But when the proof is there and your agency could save hours and money why not do what is better? Whether it is GPS monitoring for better dispatch, E-pcrs for improved documentation and reimbursement or a program like EMS Manager, implementing one or all can have a positive outcome for your agency and it’s employees.

I don’t know about the GPS or electronic charting but I do know you can get a free trial of the EMS Manager software and try out all the features. If your agency is thinking about embracing the available technology and perhaps saving valuable man hours and getting more out of their budgets, send them over to Aladtec EMS Manager for the customized free trial.



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  1. Chad Clay

    Awesome article Jim! You’re definitely correct about how some places have the tendency of clinging on to out-dated ways just because “that’s the way it’s always been done”. I think a lot of places also have a fear of change because they think it’ll be difficult to learn something new. Thankfully this software is super easy to learn.

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