Indications for Prehospital 12 Leads

Tips – Indications for Prehospital 12 Leads

The 12-lead ECG is useful for a number of cases aside from acute coronary events. Here is a partial list :

• Chest pain or anginal equivalents (dyspnea, syncope, near syncope, weakness, DKA, diaphoresis disproportionate to the environment, palpitations, etc.)

• CVA (CVA is often associated with large anterior wall MI’s and/or dysrhythmias)

• Pre and post cardio-version of stable patients

• Post cardio-version of unstable patients (including post arrest)

• Suspected electrolyte disturbances

• Overdose (unknown or suspected anti-depressant)

• Blunt chest trauma (only after transport or more urgent care)

• Dysrhythmia (to aid in the cause and diagnosis of the dysrhythmia)

• Respiratory failure

• Ventricular failure (CHF)

Proper Lead Placement Is Important.

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  1. Heather

    I found the video very informative to the point. However, the intentional speed up of the woman’s narration at about the four minute mark was too long. I felt as if there was something wrong with the recording…. Perhaps if a subtitle or a comment about how difficult it usually is to understand technical explanations would be helpful? “Do lectures about ECGs usually leave you with a feeling of information overload like this?” Just a thought…. Thanks for the free presentation.

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