Gaining Respect In EMS Through A College Degree?

Some in EMS feel that having a college degree will fix so many of the problems we face as a profession. Having that formal education is key, but there is so much more that lends to getting the respect of our healthcare peers.

See what I mean in this weeks podcast and why “EMS self education” is what really leads to success.



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  1. Steve McDowall

    I totally agree with you I tell my staff this all the time if you know your job and what you are about others have no choice but to give you the respect you deserve

  2. John

    I have a college education in ems. I have an associate’s in paramedicine, graduated with distinction from one of the most rigorous programs the state has to offer.

    I have been passed over for promotions on 3 occasions, and NEVER, has my education provided me a single cent increase in pay upon hiring.

    College education you say? COMPLETE AND TOTAL waste of time and money says I.

  3. Fred von Recklinghausen

    I started with an associate’s degree in EMS. What I discovered was with the degree to move up you had to move out. I’ve held jobs from EMT to paramedic to training officer to director bit never as the same agency. My goal is continuous learning. Get in a bachelor’s and master’s degree over the last 35 years.

  4. Morgan

    Why can’t we do both? Act professionally and get an education?

    1. Jim Hoffman

      Agreed. I believe we can.

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