Finding Ways To Maximize Resources

EMS ManagerEMS like many businesses work with budgets. While we seem to be asked to always do more with less or take on more responsibilities and training, the budgets don’t change. That leaves many EMS administrators to find ways to save money and increase productivity. That productivity doesn’t always come from the individual EMT or paramedic and often can come from EMS managers and administration themselves.

Think about EMS employee scheduling for a moment and how that task is so vital to the success of an agency. Managing employee schedules and communicating with employees and other key staff members can take a lot of time and may not be as efficient as many agencies would hope, even in todays web based, social media world.

The answer many agencies look at is software to help them manage and schedule employees. The key however is finding the right software that fits the agency in price and functionality. While simple solutions like Microsoft or calendar programs may fit some needs they fall way short of todays modern EMS agency needs.

One software that is specific to EMS employee scheduling and management is Aladtecs EMS Manager. A recent article actually showed how one agency adopted this software for their needs and was pleased to discover how it was so easy to implement. The fact that a software like EMS Manager is subscription based and costs are tailored to an agency size made it cost effective with no hidden fees or additional costs to worry about.

It was estimated that using this software would save as much as a full time employee salary and allow for better utilization of staff for other tasks.

There are many ways to maximize resources and some may be in house changes you can make and others can be implementing platforms like EMS Manager to help with large tasks such as scheduling. While I am focusing on the administrative end in this blog post, it is important to note that this particular software also allows for employees to switch or pick up shifts as well. It also lets management communicate with staff via email, text or instant messaging.

There are many benefits with this software and I encourage you to visit their website and sign up for a customized free trial of this software. Trying it out for yourself will give you a real feel for it’s capabilities and how you can use it for your agency.

Click here to get the free trial mentioned above.

Read the article noted in this post here.