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Winners will be contacted the week of May 30th, 2014

EMS SEO is happy to conduct our 2014 EMS Week Giveaway Sweepstakes. By joining us you are entered into the sweepstakes and can win any one the following EMS gifts.

Treck = The TRECK is an alternative to trauma shears and seat belt cutters, specifically designed by EMT’s, Paramedics and Firefighters, to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, racing uniforms, leathers, turnout gear and other obstructions from a trauma patient, without the use of trauma shears. A $12 dollar value. (Three offered for this event) Visit Talon here.

Paramedic Review Bundle Web Based App – Charge up your classroom and exam studying with the full Paramedic Review Bundle. This bundle includes:

– Paramedic Review Plus
– Paramedic Airway Review
– Paramedic Assessment Review
– Paramedic Special Populations Review
-Paramedic Trauma Review
– 12-Lead ECG Challenge
– 101 Last Minute Study Tips

Over 3,000 questions covering content at the Paramedic level there is nothing better to prepare you for class and the national or state certification exam. This is a $29.99 value (Two included in this event). Visit Limmer here.

Tek Tool by StatGear – The all new EMS Tek-Tool

•440c Stainless steel seatbelt/clothes cutter
•Stainless steel window punch tip
•Oxygen wrench
•Smartphone/tablet stylus tip

A $24.99 value. (Five available for this event). Visit StatGear here.

Fun Laryngoscope Blade Bottle Opener – EMS providers pride themselves on improvising to get any job done with the tools on hand.

Stat Gears Laryngoscope Bottle Opener Keychain lets you use the tool you are familiar with in a new way!
• Made with solid zinc alloy with anodized coloring to keep it rust free
• Includes stainless keyring
• Packaged individually in a poly bag
• Each one is imprinted with the Star of Life and the words “EMS – Viewing Life From A Different Perspective”

A $4.99 value. (Ten available during this event) Visit StatGear here.

A WANTYNU Oxygen Wrench – This ‘Tactical Oxygen Wrench’ is for those of you who have no time nor tolerance for tools that fail or don’t work. The only oxygen wrench you will ever own. Up to a $16.99 value. (Five being offered for this event) Visit WANTYNU here.

A digital version of the EMS Quick Study Guide – This guide is the “meat and potatoes” of any EMS course. It is perfect to review before an exam or as a quick overview of terms or subjects you may be having troubles with.

Giving you the “one stop” resource on all the HOT topics found on State and National exams. Haven’t you ever wanted the basics of what will be on an exam without having to skim through your 500 page text book?  A $18.00 value. (Ten copies being given away).

A Six month subscription to Turbo Medic – Here is truly the only study and training resource you will ever need to pass any exam, master any skill and advance in your EMS career. How does this proven resource work and how you can put it to work for YOU?

Turbo Medic provides the tools you can use to excel in any area of your EMS career and BEYOND! This resource could save you Thousands of Dollars over the years, and more importantly, hundreds of hours of frustrated and totally wasted time. It can also Help you Succeed when you have the right tools needed.
Valued at $120. (Six memberships being giving away) Visit TurboMedic here.

More giveaways to be added soon.