EMS Scheduling Doesn’t Have To Be The Terminator

!cid_1A4117EE-C2FC-40DA-8ED5-4309CD462105Whether you are a large or small EMS agency, scheduling and management of employees is a key task. Managers spend a lot of time on it and that ends up equaling money. What can end up happening is that schedules get confused, managers and employees make mistakes, resulting in ambulance down time and even managers terminating their efforts in frustration, leaving posted schedules looking like an excel file with a shot gun blast. Especially when there is so much confusion in the whole process.

One tool EMS Manager, helps to eliminate this confusion and improve costs by offering an innovative and easy to use employee scheduling and management software. One visit to their testimonial page and you can see why it is valuable to any EMS organization large or small.

On top of free training and tech support, they also have free system upgrades since the software is located in the cloud. What’s even better for those tech savvy managers is a new feature of the software THE CONFIGURATOR.

The Schedule Configurator eliminates the need for customers to call them with schedule configuration requests.  While support is of course still there if you need them, if customers are comfortable making these changes on their own they now have the flexibility to do the following directly from the Configurator:

Create and add new schedules

Add positions, change schedule names and change shift times

Archive schedules to remove them from member views

Create schedules to exist between certain dates vs. one that exists at all times

Create schedules that have a beginning but no end, or an end but no beginning

The Configurator is found within the Setup area and a training video is there to explain it (love the free training videos).  If you prefer a personal tour, you can just give them a call and one of their sales or support people will gladly walk you through these new capabilities.

I can point to many other features and more importantly benefits of this software, but to really get a feel for it ease of use and capabilities I suggest signing up for a free customized trial over at EMS Manager.  Click here to start now and your own demo system set up.