EMS Partners vs. Coworkers

Have you felt the difference between when you work with a steady partner versus when you work with just another paramedic or EMT that you don’t really know. Watch this short video to get some insight and a quick read from Buff to Burnt on the topic.


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  1. john

    Why do EMS personnel treat each other like crap, regardless if they are on a call or back at base? The justification that I hear, is “Oh! we eat our young.” It’s another form of bullying, but felt the need to justify it with that phrase. Lastly, where does this egoistical narcissism personality come from? I notice this to be a common theme among EMS.

    1. Jim Hoffman

      I cant speak to the psych part of it all. But you are right, it is a form of bullying that is widely accepted. If you look at many EMS Facebook groups for instance. Many cries for help with exams, bosses etc are meet with snide remarks and overly simplified answers. Perhaps its the overworking of EMS and low pay that gives those “in the club” this feeling of having earned their spot.

      I do think though that other similar professions like Fire and LE act the same. Even the military has this type of mindset. At least when I was in the Army back in the day it was.

      Maybe the whole Code Green thing should embrace this element and how it effects EMS providers as much as bad calls do.

      Thanks for the comment.

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