EMS Manager | Letting Employees Help With The Schedule

When it comes to employee scheduling, requesting time off, granting that time off and making sure your EMS agencies shifts are covered. Having a reliable and flexible software platform to perform these tasks can make your life as an EMS scheduling or operations officer easier.

What can it make this even easier? How about letting your employees request time off, trade shifts and even pick up shifts via this same software platform? EMS Manager from Aladtec offers these options and a lot more. Think about how allowing your employees to pick up open shifts can help your agency run so much smoother. No more running through a phone or email list to try and fill an upcoming shift.

With EMS Manager you can choose to allow some or all of your employees to sign-up for open shifts. As long as they an internet connection they can sign-up from anywhere. You can choose to require administrator approval or you can let EMS Manager approve the sign-ups automatically based on shift requirements and employee qualifications. As soon as the sign-up is approved, the online schedule is updated immediately for all to see.

To me this is a powerful way to take advantage of the fact that everyone is always checking their smartphones, their emails and their applications by letting this software do the work. Keeping your ambulances staffed with the right personnel and giving your employees some freedom in picking up shifts that they want. That makes a happy agency and a happy crew.

If you want to try this employee scheduling and management software, EMS Manager is giving a free customized trial away. Go check out all the features and signup for a free trial – make sure you tell them that EMS Office Hours sent you. Get your free trial by clicking here.