Discover How To Reduce Study Time & Be Laser Focused When Preparing For Your Exams

Do you want to reduce your study and exam preparation time?
Have you stressed or struggled with exams and even failed them?

What if I told you that you could pass your exams every time?
What if you could do it in less time, with less stress and build your knowledge
all at the same time?

My EMS Exam Success Formula will show you how to increase your confidence and exam know how

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This Simple Formula Can Reduce Your Study Time To As Little As 30 Minutes!

Have you ever heard people say things like “I know the content and pass all my course quizzes but I struggle or can’t pass the final or NREMT exam”

You may have even felt this yourself.

You Are Not Alone

What you need and what will propel you into exam success today and throughout your EMS career is a system, a formula to go beyond just understanding the content in the exam.

You need to start MASTERING the exam as a whole.

This is where my formula comes in

I will take you inside the exam process in this 90 minute workshop so you can really ramp up your confidence and exam know how with this valuable training. 

 Get the tools and knowledge to succeed on regional, local and national exams including the NREMT.


 Key elements revealed during this presentation are:

  • Testing Anxiety – discover how to overcome this often crippling exam side effect and the two key factors that can eliminate it.
  • Exam Basics – how should you REALLY prepare and why your study habits may not be a problem
  • Get powerful study techniques that you may be surprised are at your fingertips.
  • Exam Formats – What formats can you expect from both your instructors and state agencies. How each can hurt or help your outcome.
  • NREMT CBT – Watch as I go underground and dispel the myths and facts on this often stressed yet vital exam process.
  • Exam Breakdown – You get front row seats as I dissect exam questions and break down the barriers that mean the difference between passing and failing.

The Best Parts Of Your Textbook. Designed to cover major exam elements you will see on state and national exams.

The Success Formula Companion

  • Foundations of EMS

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Major body systems, organs etc.

This Guide Has It All

  • It covers all subjects from poisoning to cardiovascular, pediatrics to communications.

  • Includes Pathology, Presentations, Signs & Symptoms plus
  • Treatment and anything in between

EMS Quick Study Guide

Pass on the first try. This powerful guide even covers techniques for history taking and physical exams as well as complete patient assessment.

While it is not a complete EMS Study Resource – it is certainly one of the most valuable publications you can have in your EMS library.

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Practice Exams

Access to over 1500 EMT/Paramedic pracitice questions

You also get access to 8 EMT and 8 Paramedic level practice exams to help you focus where you are struggling. Why test what you already know?

You also get access to even more questions using the NRE-SIM exams. These are designed to score you like the NREMT exam. These exams will cut off when you reach a threshold of passing or failing.

Quick Start Video

Using EMS Practice Tests

This quick start video gives you a five step plan so you can use practice exams the right way and get the most from your efforts.

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The EMS Exam Success Formula

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The Formula Unlocked

Lastly, I am going to unlock my system and show you my method of studying and preparing for an exam and how I coach EMS students when they are struggling.

Adapt To Your Style

You will find you are able to use this formula for any EMS exam and you can even adjust and adapt it to your style of study.

Focus Your Time

Using this formula will have you less stressed and using your time more effectively.

Guarantee Your Success

Just by following a simple system that has been proven to work for countless EMS professionals.

This entire study resource including all the bonuses, is waiting for you inside the members area right now.