EMS Drug Calculations and Formulas

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  • Sergii says:

    Thanks .It is interesting and useful.

  • Excellent presentation. The only suggestion that I would have is to have the answers to the practice questions on a separate slide or to link them to a QR code. Otherwise, great job!

  • Joshua Mork says:

    Excellent review. I agree with the suggestion to post the answers on a separate slide. I would add a step by step proof of the problem so the student can understand their mistake and why the correct answer is correct.

  • Cory says:

    Please help!

    It’s been a while for me on conversions, so I wanted to do a little refresher.

    I noted on your Kg,g,mg,mcg chart the conversion is correct, 3kg=3000g moving the decimal place 3 to the right. Which would make this conversion to mcg=3,000,000,000. Am I correct?

    Now moving on to the conversions to mcg chart, the 1st conversion is 1g=1,000,000 mcg, but on the 5th conversion you have 175g is equal to 175,000mcg. Wouldn’t the calculation be correct if it were .175g = 175,000mcg or 175mg = 175,000 mcg?

    Please note your decimal placement in the 1st conversion vs the 5th.

    Confused In Alaska!

  • Wanda Brown says:

    This really helped me alot! It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with math calculations, and this was a great refresher on the basics as well as easy to use formulas! Thanks for the helpful info!!

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