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EKG Flash Chart

Download this free EKG flash chart to help you study and understand common rhythms. Contains all basic EKG strips seen on exams,  Normal Sinus, Heart blocks and cardiac arrest rhythms. Also has PVC and PAC samples.





Master your EKG knowledge before moving on to 12 leads.

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  1. Sally Blessing

    What a GREAT TOOL!!! I actually have hope now that I can learn these. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I recommend this for anyone who needs brushing up on their EKG Interpretations!!!! Thank you again!!

  2. Issac Martin

    WOW!! Thanks a lot. I am very thankful that someone cares.

  3. pavan

    Awesome….thank u very much…keep posting updated articles

  4. Joe Garbaravage

    Great learning tool. My students will love it. 🙂

  5. Lorraine

    Great info for new medics. I would like to see some 12 lead EKGs for more experienced medics. Great job.

  6. sonia rivera

    thanks alot ,i will surely benefit ,
    from theses , thanks again


    Really great job.
    God may bless you

  8. alex

    thanks it is a great tool

  9. Debbie

    Wonderful. I teach a EKG course where the books cannot leave the class and this will allow the students the chance to have these to help study with. Thank-you.

  10. terry

    Thank you so much! Awesome!

  11. Richard

    Thanks for much for the EKG Flash Chart. These are a great tool for learning.

  12. Jumrah Aisyah

    Thank You,because you help me to EKG Study

  13. Tsele Abel kanono

    EKG is never easy but this is by far the best tool. Thank you very much

  14. Dianne

    Thank you! Great help!

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