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Basic 12 Lead ECG Knowledge

studyfpGetting deep into the weeds with 12 leads is challenging to say the least. Ask three paramedics their opinion on a 12 lead ECG and you just might get three different answers.

That saying “When the rubber meets the road” is very a kin to reading 12 leads. When that time comes your patients depend on you knowing how to read that 12 lead ECG. Thats the time when your “12 lead meets the road”.

In other words when the chips are down is when its paramount you know this important skill.

The key is to know the basics and have a solid foundation on basic ECG’s and Basic 12 lead knowledge.

Right now you can sign up and download a free Basic 12 Lead Study Resource to help you understand 12 lead ECG’s. It covers vital elements like:

  • Why EMS does 12 leads
  • Terminology
  • Anatomy of a QRS
  • ST Segments
  • Lead placements
  • STEMI locations
  • Plus more key points important to understanding 12 leads.

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