Adding More EMS To COVID-19 Response

With the healthcare profession under siege from the COVID-19 pandemic, we need more professionals providing care now.

But what is the best way to get providers out into the workforce? The NREMT made an attempt to get new providers out there but maybe just too weak of an attempt.

Are there better ways? Jim and guests talk about ways they think EMT’s and paramedics can be of use during this crisis.

Everything from reactivating retried members to rehiring past employees and perhaps putting providers in non essential areas of ED’s or ambulance departments.

Take a listen and leave your thoughts below

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  1. Robert Parisi

    Listening to you podcast right now so I don’t know if you discuss it. That’s the concept of using paramedics in hospitals. Paramedics have a lot of the “nursing” skills needed in caring for paients in and out of hospitals. So why not supplement nurses with those who have a tone of critical care experience. After all, they’re talking about using nursing students and medical students.
    I suspect the problem is the reluctance in the part of governors to rattle the cage of nursing unions.

  2. Gabby

    One way to get providers out there is to provide better PPE than the dust masks currently being handed out (and yes, N95 is a fancy dust mask) because nobody wants to go to work and then die a horrific death. I am a former shipyard safety manager who volunteers in EMS and I am going to be wearing my elastomeric half face respirator with P100 filters on Covid calls. I may do it on all calls till this is over we have already had pts bullshittng us about symptoms and exposure. ONE PEEP out of management or anyone else and I hang it up and go home. That is how I feel about it. The PPE situation is a God damned disgrace.

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