Hudson Valley Paramedic Field Guide | Mobile (Iphone)

While not yet in the App Store. You can still get the same functionality on your Iphone with this web based version of the Hudson Valley Paramedic Regional Guide.  Includes all condensed versions of the actual HVREMSCO guidelines, plus other great reference items like drug calculations, pediatric values and more.

You will basically be saving the website version of the Droid app. Just follow these steps.

1 РClick here to access the website using your Iphone Safari browser 

2 – Wait for the website to load

3 – Touch the action icon at the bottom of the Safari screen. It resembles a box with an arrow coming out of it. View the list of options. Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button.

4 – View the icon preview and alter the text description if desired. Tap “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen. An icon appears on your iPhone screen following the last app you downloaded. From there, you can move it to any screen or folder like your favorite EMS Apps screen.

5 – Tap the HV EMS icon you just made to go directly to the website whenever you need to check a protocol, review a dosage or get a location code.

If you have trouble with the above steps you can watch a video on doing this by going here.

Yes, it’s not an actual Iphone app, but it is free and is still a great resource to keep handy.


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